Coronavirus Update 18.3.20

Dear Families

So, the decision has been announced by the Government to close all schools from Monday except for some very specific groups. In some cases, we do not know if children fall in to the groups that the Government have said can still come to school. We will be contacting you further over the next few days to ask if your family falls in to the groups listed, mainly asking if the jobs that you as parents do might make you qualify for on-going schooling. There is a lot we still don’t know about this announcement and we will keep you up to date as the detail becomes clear.

What we do know is…

For the next two days:

  • After School Clubs and Shining Stars will continue.
  • If your child has been off school today, you don’t have to inform us again tomorrow. If they are off for the first time tomorrow, please ring or email the office with the reason why. Thank you.
  • Due to staffing issues and some children being off school, Jungle Book rehearsals will not take place tomorrow or Friday.

In preparation for children learning at home from Monday:

  • Every child brought home 5 reading books today. We gave them all 5 so we know what to ask for back! Feel free to swap books between St William’s children. Depending on the length of the school closure, we may arrange book swaps in the coming weeks.
  • On Friday, every child will bring home a pack of resources to set them up for home learning in the short term (from now until the Easter holidays). Some daily work will be posted on our website, beginning on Monday.
  • If the closure continues in to next term, we will move to a system where the teachers are available via email to support you and your child.

If your child is absent on Friday, we will be contacting you to arrange a way to have your child’s books and pack picked up or dropped off in a safe way.

If you do not have routine access to the internet, please let us know so we can do whatever we can to help.

As we keep saying, the most important thing is we are all staying safe and well. please look after each other whilst we find our way through this unprecedented times.

Take care everyone
Sarah Shirras

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