Coronavirus Update 19.03.20

Dear Families

Well, that was another strange day in a very strange week, and there will more strange days to come. What we do know is that tomorrow will be the last day of full school for what might turn out to be quite a long time. Although some children claimed to be quite happy about that, there was a lot of sadness around in school today. The complete unknown of the situation and the national backdrop give it all an eerie feeling. Despite all of that, we have had a good day with some great attitudes to work and play!

School will continue to be open for some children. Some of these are children in ‘vulnerable’ groups (all of whose parents we have spoken to today) and some are the children of Key Workers. Unfortunately, we have not yet been told by the Government who qualifies as a Key Worker. Some schools have sent out lists and questionnaires but we are reluctant to do this if we don’t know the full facts. If we have not heard more from the Government by the morning, we will be asking you if you think you might be a Key Worker so we can begin to make plans.

All children will bring home a learning pack tomorrow with resources and links to work appropriate for their age.

We are planning for three time periods:

  1. From Monday until the end of term (23.3.20 – 1.4.20)
  2. The Easter holidays
  3. After Easter (from 20.4.20)

During the first of these, we will be sending out work but there will be no way of responding or sending this in to school. If your child is in school, this will be in our school with our staff. During this first period, Shining Stars will be open as usual for children who are at school but nothing else will be continuing (eg Progress Meetings, parent events). We cannot be sure what will happen to Shining Stars after that.

During the holidays, there will no set work but there will still be ideas of things to do. We are unclear at present what (if any) child care will be in place for the holidays.

After Easter, we will have a two way communication between home and teachers using new Year Group email addresses. We will tell you all about this nearer the time.

Tomorrow, there are Progress Meetings and after school clubs. Shining Stars will be open as usual.

As I have said before, thank you to everyone for your understanding in these strange days. Please stay safe everyone; that is the most important thing.

Sarah Shirras

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