New Year Update

Dear Families,

We hope this finds you safe and well and having had at least some rest and peace this Christmas time. We know this has been a challenging time for many of our families, having to make hugely difficult decisions about whether or not to spend time with people you love at this important time of the year. We know others have been unwell; we send all our very best to our children, families and staff who have had to stay at home through this holiday time.

There is no getting away from the uncertain times we are living in and have been for a long while now. However, on a list of days of uncertainty, today seems to be very high up that list. You may remember when we wrote to you in May, explaining what we planned when we returned more fully to school in June, that we knew the messages in the media and on social media must be very confusing for you as parents in deciding what was safe and best for your children. If anything, those messages are louder today and more confused than ever. As things stand, at this moment, we are opening on Monday in the same way we were open before Christmas, the whole school open to all children. However, as we speak, Unions are raising big questions with the government about the safety of schools being open in the current situation, Some of our school staff have met (online) this morning and more will meet tomorrow; as always, they want to be with your children and to teach and support them. However, they are also very aware of the uncertain situation we find ourselves in as a community. In June, we had the ability to make decisions for ourselves about the safe return to school; we do not have that power now but do think the next 24 hours will bring further advice and clarification. As we have said throughout this, we can only play what is in front of us; we have never done this before and are trying to do our best, that is all we can do.

We are sorry we cannot be clearer with you today about what Monday will bring. We will be back in contact with you tomorrow to confirm definitely what is happening on Monday. What we do want to reassure you is that you need to decide what you think is best for your children; they are your children.

Saying ‘Happy New Year’ to you seems strange in such uncertain times but we do wish you all the very best for 2021 and hope it is kind to all of you. We are looking forward to the year getting better and better; ‘If Winter’s here, can Spring be far behind?’

Take care, each and every one of you.

Sarah Shirras and Vicky Buxton