School Trips and Visits 2022/23

It was wonderful last year to begin the journey of returning to a wide range of external trips and expert visitors as part of our St. William’s Curriculum. We know how important these visits are both from what the children get out of them but also how memorable they are – they are often the memories our Year 6 cohorts retell as part of their end of year production.

We are continuing with our fixed donation amount this year to help families plan for the additional cost that these type of activities bring. We ask families for a donation of £20 per child (paid via school money) to cover all the trips* across the school year, rather than cost each individual trip as they occur. We want to make this payment as accessible as possible so it has been set up to be paid in a one off payment for the academic year (Sept to July) or the option can be to pay in smaller instalment amounts. Please be assured that no child will be prevented from going on a trip for financial reasons but we would ask you to get in touch with us if this donation would cause you financial difficulties.

We do guarantee ‘good value’ and ensure that the activities across the year total more than £20 per child. We keep detailed accounts for all school activities, monitored by the school governors. They can be made available on request from the school office.

While we hope the majority of families would prefer to pay the donation in this way, we know that some would still prefer to pay on an individual trip basis. If this is the case, we will inform you of the individual cost for the trip when we let you know it is happening (at least two weeks in advance of  trip). Please be aware this will total more than £20 across the academic year.

Trips are categorised in to three levels related to the length, distance from school, time of day and the nature of the activity:

There are a number of aspects of risk assessment that are the same for all trips, for example, how children walk along pavements and cross roads, first aid and emergency procedures. Before every trip, the trip leader and Educational Visits Co-ordinator will consider a range of factors including:

  • the appropriate number and level of experience of the staff
  • the nature of the activity they are going to do
  • the children they are taking
  • the type of place they are visiting and the back up they have at school (e.g. staff to come out and help if there is a problem).

As a parent or carer, you may withdraw this consent at any time in writing to us in a letter or email. If you ever have any questions about school trips, please ask at the office or speak to your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for your support in making these extra events, which are so important to our broad and balanced curriculum, possible.

*This donation does not include Residential trips which take place in Yr3, 4, 5, and 6.