School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, or would like a paper copy, please ask the school office.


Safeguarding Policy

Operation Encompass

Other School Policies

Absence Management Policy

Adoption Leave and Pay scheme (Teachers) 2018

Adoption Procedure-Suport Staff 2018

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy

Attendance at School and Legal Intervention 2018

Attendance Policy 2019

Banning Parents and Other Visitors from the School Premises

Behaviour Policy 2018

Capability Procedure for Support Staff 2018

Charges for School Activities Policy

DBS Checks Policy & Procedure 2017-2018

Debt policy

Dignity at Work Policy & Procedure 2017-2018

Disciplinary Procedure 2017-2018

Early Years Policy

Employing Temporary Staff 2017-2018

Finance Policy 2018-2019

Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme Policy

Grievance Policy 2017-2018

Guidance on allegations made against school staff – 2018

Guidance on Flexible Working 2017-2018

Guidance on Apprenticeships – 2018

Internet, Social Networking & Email Use Policy 2017-2018

Intimate Care Policy

Maternity Procedure – Support Staff 2017-2018

Maternity Scheme – Teachers 2017-2018

Paternity Leave & Pay Scheme 2017-2018

Pay Policy 2017-2018

Pay Policy 2018-2019

Performance Appraisal for Support Staff Policy & Procedure 2017-2018

Performance Management Policy for Teachers 2017-2018

Privacy Notice 25th May 2018

Procedure for Addressing Teacher Capability 2017-2018

Shared Parental Leave & Pay Statutroy Procedure 2017-2018

Sickness Absence Management Policy 2017-2018

Staffing Adjustment Policy and Procedure 2017-2018

Staff Discipline & Conduct Policy

Staff Grievance Policy

Support Staff Capability Policy

Surrogacy Leave & Pay Statutory Procedure 2017-2018

Teacher Capability Policy

Teacher Performance Management Policy

Whistleblowing Policy 2017-2018

Code of Conduct

Marking and Feedback policy


Complaints Policy & Procedures

Meeting Request Form

Formal Complaint Form

Complaint Review Form